Sample letter for Embassy or Consulate

name of General or ambassadors name 
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Dear Ambassador/General/ etc............, 
   We/I am writing you today to denounce the actions of the Honduran Government against the indigenous Lenca community of Rio Blanco. I am giving a voice to a community who is under threat, a community that is in danger of being murdered or prosecuted for defending their land and way of life. Since April 1rst 2013 the community of Rio Blanco, Intibuca have enacted a road blockade to stop the construction on a dam that was  illegally contracted by government officials without the consent of the people who live there and legally own the land. According to international law United Nations ILO Convention 169, "the right of Indigenous peoples to determine their own process of development" is guaranteed. Despite the illegal concession of the communities land, the companies involved and the Honduran government continue to harass, threaten, repress and murder the the people of Rio Blanco. Since the road blockade started on April 1rst death threats have been made by personal from DESA (Honduran company involved in dam construction), one community member has been attacked with a machete by personal from DESA, a community leader has been killed by the Honduran Military without cause, another brutality injured, and another kidnapped as of Sep 5th by the National Police. Currently, three members of COPINH (civic council of popular and indigenous organizations of Honduras), Berta Caceres, Tomas Gomez and Aureliano Molina are potentially facing prison time on non-substantial charges to intimidate, further repress and silence the voices of the communities of Rio Blanco.  
    I am writing to say this is a global issue, a humanitarian crime and I will not stand for it. I am watching the Honduran government murder its people as it continues to make money by stealing and destroying land from the people who rightfully, and legally own it.  I am not fooled, blinded, or ignorant to the fact that the companies involved DESA and SINOHYDRO, and the Honduran Government clearly have no regard or respect for human life, cultural rights and international law. I am speaking out today, and will continue to do so until the Honduran government:

    1.  Ends the judicial persecution of COPINH, Berta Caceres, Tomas Gomez and Aureliano Molina
  1. Withdraws ALL military from Rio Blanco
  2. Stops the harassment and eviction of Rio Blanco Lenca communities
  3. Respects international law, ILO convention 169, canceling the illegal concession of their land, retracting the contact with DESA and SYNOHYDRO for the Agua Zerca Dam Project

 I am writing in defense of international law, indigenous rights and COPINH. I am in solidarity with Tomas Gracia's family who suffer from his murder in the hands of the Honduran Government, and with all indigenous people of Honduras who are being oppressed by the very government who should be serving them. I demand respect and international rights be given to the communities of Rio Blanco.  

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