Take Action: Contact your Reps. and Donate

Take Action NOW: 

Information on who to contact and how to donate
An international voice is vital to support the community and the protect Indigenous People of Rio Blanco and COPHIN from more repression and murder. Make the calls and protest with your voice.

If you only speak english:
Please Contact the US Department of State, c/o Secretary John Kerry, 2201 C Street NW, Washington D.C. 20520 (202) 647-4000and ask that the US investigate the on-going repression of Indigenous Peoples in Honduras, including the Lenca people in their struggle in Rio Blanco.  
Please email or call or send sample letter (look at "letter to embassy or consulate) to the Honduran Consulate in Washington, D.C. 1014 M Street NW Washington DC 20001 USA  Telephone: (202) 506.4995   Fax: (202) 525.4004
Honduran Mission to the U.N.  866 UN Plaza, Suite 417,  New York, NY 10017  Tel: (212) 752-3370
Key talking points:
-ending the judicial persecution of COPINH
-withdraw all military from Rio Blanco, including the military being held reponsible for the murder of community leader Tomas Garcia
-NO eviction of Rio Blanco Lenca communities
-Respect international law, ILO convention 169, canceling the illegal concessions of the Agua Zerca Dam Project

If you speak spanish contact:
-President of the Republic of Honduras Porfirio Lobo Sosa 
Tel: (504) 9990-0878, 9978-2138 
-Ministry of Justice and Human Rights: Lawyer Ana Pineda 
Phones: (504) 2235-6119 
Mobile Phone: (504) 9982-6801 
Email: anapinedah@hotmail.com / info@sjdh.gob.hn 
-Palacion Court of Santa Barbara: Phone (504) 2643-21-48 3.21.2643 
-Courts Intibuc√° Department: 
(504) 2783-0358 
Mr. Antonio Calix Hernandez 
-Coordinating Judge of the Criminal Division, Supreme Court of Honduras 
Staff Office: (504) 2202-5305 
General Office of the Criminal Division: (504) 2202-5124 
Email: hcalixh@poderjudicial.gob.hn 
Coord. Commission intervening Public Ministry: Lawyer -Maria Antonia Navarro 
Coordinator of the Comptroller of Public Prosecutions: 
Cell: (504) 
Tel: (504) 2221-5670 
Fax: (504) 2221-5672 
Congress President: Juan Orlando Hernandez: 
juanorlandohernandez@gmail.com juanorlandohernadez@yahoo.com 
Races Prosecutor: Mr. -Jany del Cid Martinez 
Office: (504) 2221-3099 extension: 2122 
Mobile Phone: (504) 8858-2071 
Fax: (504) 2221-5620 
Email: janydelcid@yahoo.es 
Minister for Ethnic Groups: Mr. Luis Green. 
Mobile Phone: (504) 3345 7446 
Email: luisgreen65@yahoo.es

Send electronic mail to: 
luisgreen65@yahoo.es luisgreen@sedinafroh.gob.hn 
cham@ina.hn hrodriguez@ina.hn 

a little go's a long way and ANYTHING helps. Money go's to supporting the radio station, media equipment, food and transportation

CHECKS make payable to "Rights Action" and mail to:
UNITED STATES: c/o Grahame Russell / Rights Action, Box 243 , Collinsville , CT , 06022
Important! [* Write “COPINH” on check memo-line*]

CREDIT-CARD DONATIONS can be made. Go tohttp://www.rightsaction.org/tax-deductible-donations
Important! [* Write “COPINH” in the appropriate field, on behalf of*]

Questions: Grahame Russell, info@rightsaction..

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