The Road Blockade, El Roble (the Oaktree)
El Roble, The Oaktree (road Blockade)
Children of Rio Blanco

Tomas Garcia's Family

Community Funeral for Tomas Garcia

Tomas's wife plants a flower at his grave

Tomas's wife and family at burial

Tomas's brother plants flowers at grave
Carrying Tomas to cemetary
Tomas's Grave

Rio Gualcarque
Berta (COPINH) at Rio Gualcarque

Protest outside of hearing for Berta and Tomas

The Community Marches to the DESA site

Tomas Garcia's son

Tomas Garcias son injured by military the same time Tomas was Murdered
Military at DESA site
Roque who was macheted 

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