For more information please visit:
-Indian Country, "Arrested Honduran Indigenous leader promises More Mega Projects protests" (about berta from COPINH)
-The Huffington Post "we dont negotiate life, the defense of indigenous lands and water in Honduras" "we dont have life without land, honding ground in Honduras" and "Without our land we cease to be a people, Defending indigenous territory and reasources in Honduras"
-Rights, "Honduras, List of Killings" (assassinations under the military-backed regime headed by "Pepe" Lobo)
-Otherworldsare, "They Fear us because we are Fearless, Reclaiming Indigenous Lands and Strength in Honduras"
-Popular Resistance, "International Day of Action in Solidarity with Honduran Indigenous Defenders"
-SOA watch, Rio Blanco Honduras, “Murder of Tomas Garcia”, search “Honduras army kills indigenous leader” "Rio Blanco communties take action to defend rivers, territoy and life"
-Al Jazeera,
-Rights Action, "struggle in Rio Blanco, Honduras 142 days and counting", "Honduras, where the blood flows and the rivers are dammed"
-Rio Blanco Resiste,

Other related articles: Latin America Working Group, Honduras
-Open Democracy, "honduras, three years after the coup" 
-cultural survival, "honduras, Sinohydro's track record exposed"
-article writen by Sinohydro, contact info at bottom of article
-International Cry, "three Indigenous Murdered for Defending their Territory in Honduras" (Mines are maintained by massive amounts of water, which in turn is poisoned. Dams are the first step into mining) "stop Honduras dam project from destroying rainforest"

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