Sunday, March 2, 2014


We and Us, Lenca, seeds of this SACRED MOUNTAINS Opalaca Puca, managers ancient, proud and proud histories composturas celebrate Mother Earth and the spirits, Guancascos, recovery of live land; gathered and gathered and n Monte Verde, San Francisco Opalaca today February 15, 2014, we have undertaken various struggles in order to achieve a decent life with respect for the State of Honduras and societies in general, where our former and future world views is understood that are ways and ways of life to humanity confronting the anti-human capitalism, anti-ecological, unethical, racist and patriarchal; Proposed Pueblo Lenca continue giving fundamental contributions to the development from our own visions and NOT from the trickster concept of tax; WE HAVE CREATED AND FOUNDED IN 1994 THIS HISTORIC TOWN OF OUR PRODUCT SWEAT OF INDIAN PILGRIMAGE AND BASE HAVE ACHIEVE THE CONVENTION 169, SCREENED OUR TERRITORIES AND SECURITIES COMMUNITY, LIFE PROJECTS, GOODS DEMOCRATIzATION NATURE AND DECLARE THE NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY AS FOLLOWS:

That nothing we have obtained gift, we do not want or have asked crumbs, nor hurt, nor charity, we are actors and actresses and actors of this community and indigenous construction, and within it we have been working to achieve better living standards to the historical marginalization, to achieve democracy, transparency, exercise the power of choice directly and options for the management and control of our town and territories.

That before domination, racism and oppression, we remain a people in Rebellion as historically taught our ancestors and ancestras.

We have established as Mayor Legitima, which he has been sworn by sacred and historic mandate of our elders, legitimate authority of the Lenca Pueblo, this legitimizes Mayor shall not prejudice any other ancestral structure and rather we complement assuming everyone their special functions while we integrate, respecting our highest authority is the Lenca people and their communities.

That he bet on the Construction of indigenous autonomy based on Convention 169 and the UN Declaration on Indigenous Peoples, in defense of our lands, territories and culture through the reaffirmation, revitalization, guarding as gatekeepers and guardians of our goods common.

We demand respect for the rights and sovereign mandate to elect and depose our own authorities.

We condemn the electoral fraud perpetrated and pledge to continue fighting for the respect for political decisions of this village, not partisan political, sectarian or authoritarian power.We reject the imposition of Socorro Sanchez Manuels as Lord Mayor.

From our Lenca that tradition, older and elderly are ancestral Authorities are our guides, our educators who guide us, give us strength, are our historical memory, wisdom, deep knowledge keepers, therefore we are committed to strengthening this way of life, we ask forgiveness for the faults our older lineages. Advice strengthen our Elders and our Elders and Assistant Mayor Rod Alta.

That this county, his life, achievements and proud history can not ignore the presence, belligerence, the historical contribution, strength, voice, thought and rebellion of the Lenca women, and as a priority we decided to build and strengthen a culture that will mean dismantling the patriarchy that violence and oppression against women and to men themselves, building equity, equality and say life for women. 
The legitimate authorities, we are responsible in the actions that we develop have the obligation to respect the people of Opalaca also operate with transparency, fairness, and ensuring the equitable distribution of resources, community property, democratization and the performance of the audit social and comprehensive.

What Our Community Titles, in the domain protected by the Convention 169 are sacred, we will protect and defend to the end, and that in our territories and we decided we. Reject projects that threaten our goods of nature, such as privatization of rivers, forests through REDD projects or forestry, mining, hydroelectric development for the powerful and usurpers of this country. 
We assume from a collective effort by all involved structures and Lenca communities in working to improve living conditions in the areas of housing, health and culturally appropriate public education, transportation, infrastructure, roads, food sovereignty, agroecology, mutual care militarization in communities without taking into account the specific conditions of women, youth and children. 
On energy is a human right, which should be a public good, based on the real needs and priorities of human beings and not an item to be placed in the hands of the exploiters and thieves who privatized the same, only to usury and concentrate power and wealth. Enter into the discussion of forms of alternative, green energy, and low public and indigenous control without harming our land, biodiversity, culture and lives.

We commit to strengthen and develop our processes asamblearios Indigenous and other spaces necessary for the exercise of decision-making and make feel our voices.

We are from Mother Earth and these sacred as Gualcarque, the Exchange, the Zarco, Pacayal and Black rivers, we live with our spirits and nahuales, sacred forests and living land, we are community, hope, solidarity, historical resistance, we are spirituality and culture alive, are worthy men and women, are the great past and we lifted and the future of humanity, paid with blood and decolonizing LEMPIRA heroics, Lord de la Sierra. We are Pueblo Lenca. 
A Unit and fight for life, to resist various threats, we do grow to solidarity and hope in all times.

To organize, reorganize and strengthen Lencas structures at all levels: Council of Elders and Elders, AUXILIARY of Vara Alta, Indigenous Councils, Boards and others.

To contribute to support this process and operation undertaken the Legitima Hall, which will feature their own spaces and proposed Indian Government and its mechanisms, along with other structures and municipal authorities Lencas, installing them today in their own council functions and councilors.

The construction of the Indian Power from below, with wisdom, always remembering who we are, where we come from, where we go, because we are here while we desenyugándonos of greed, lust for power which subjects and deforms the dignity of human.

We demand respect and recognize this legitimizes Mayor. We remind you, we did not ask our permission to further legitimacy and legality, because those have them for centuries, is in force and is sacred, that is given by the Lenca people. 
We reiterate our call for an administrative audit of assets and resources, legal and integral to the outgoing municipal administration, that it is transparent, impartial, without dirty hands of politicians and run without manipulation.

We call for solidarity, to be dynamic accompanying this process is all the Honduran town, to be observant of the human rights situation in our town, to fight for justice, dignity, sovereignty and freedom. 
We salute each and everyone for their presence and participation, we deeply appreciate all forms of struggle and solidarity. 

Viva el Pueblo Lenca! Viva la Resistance Historic San Francisco Opalaca! Live the dignity of all Indigenous Peoples! Long live solidarity! 

For our autonomy, culture, democratization and the Rights of the Lenca People of Opalaca!

We remain ready to fight! 
Given in Monte Verde, at 15 days of February 2014.

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